Written Business Card and Sticker by Heavy Heavy

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Project Overview

Written worked closely with Heavy Heavy to develop a new identity system, marketing website and content direction for their content marketing service.


Written came to us needing a whole new identity to better reflect their sensibilities as a company, their commitment to the brands they work with as well as the bloggers they find licensing deals for.

We presented multiple concepts and are happy that Written trusted us to do something so minimal and geometric — a clear departure from the script logos that are so prevalent with consumer-side technology startups. During production a basic geometric foundation was used to cultivate Written’s final mark. This was paired with an edited Bodoni typeset, further separating Written’s identity from the herd.

Written Logo Production Design by Heavy Heavy

When it came to color choice, we made sure to develop a palette that was extensible for richer media, but that was warm and approachable. Written has two distinct markets; they work with established brands, and individual bloggers. The entire identity has two audiences that are, in many respects, nearly disparate so we had to work diligently with the Written team to ensure that this approach would communicate effectively to both.

At the core of Written’s service is delivering meaningful content to the right audience and we knew typography would play an integral role is reaffirming this value proposition. In an effort to find the right typeface to support the classic serifs present in Bodoni, we tested several super families and discovered that the Museo Sans and Museo Slab, by exljbris Type Foundry, ultimately paired best.

Typography (Museo Sans by exljbris Font Foundry) & Color Palette for Written developed by Heavy Heavy

Typography (Museo Slab by exljbris Font Foundry) & Color Palette for Written developed by Heavy Heavy

Museo’s geometric letterforms are a nice juxtaposition to the Written mark without obscuring its inherent mathematical properties.


Written.com revolves around content. They provide content to brands as a service, so developing a strategic content direction for their re-design was an integral part of the project.

We approached the content creation from both a blogger’s perspective and a brand’s perspective, acting as blogger and brand user. We essentially “blew up” all of their previous site content and started from fresh. It was important to instill trust in the blogging community, so we used creative and compelling content that would connect with bloggers. For brands, we relied on a more business-like approach with hard facts and brand specific information about the Written service. Bloggers and brands were distinctly targeted with specific content created for each.

Before their redesign, Written had informed us that their blogger sign up conversions were not as successful as they had hoped. After their latest launch, we’re happy to say that their conversion rates have seen a dramatic increase.


The primary objective for the marketing website was to declutter the interface and clearly define actionable items for both targeted audiences. Heavy Heavy designed pages, for the Written team to develop, that are extensible and modular allowing Written to expand and contract future content as the team saw fit.

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