Texas Public Radio's Worth Repeating Logo designed by Heavy Heavy

Worth Repeating is a Texas Public Radio series highlighting the untold stories and experiences of local San Antonio residents.

Project Overview

Texas Public Radio (TPR) launched the Worth Repeating initiative in the fall of 2015. Hosted live, the program culminates as a monthly community event celebrating the narratives of San Antonio. Heavy Heavy partnered with TPR to create a visual brand identity for the pilot series.


TPR approached Heavy Heavy to create a brand concept that would speak to a younger audience. As big fans of TPR and NPR, we did the project gratis as a way to give back to the San Antonio and public radio communities. As a new series, it was important that the mark build brand equity, quickly. We developed an identity for the initiative that played on a familiar symbol to promote the series and live events.

We took a minimalist approach in designing the mark, in order to maintain a timelessness that ensured the mark’s usability as the program evolved. A more elegant version of the old school repeat icon was sketched up to produce a classic look that resonates with a younger audience. To ensure flexibility across a diverse set of collateral materials, we opted for a one-color mark.

Promotional Materials

We were given full creative license in the layout and concept for the promotional materials. TPR requested the design of limited edition screen-printed posters to be sold at the event, as well as t-shirts, handbills, and digital marcomm that would advertise the events.

Working with Heavy Heavy on the design for our project was fantastic. There is no doubt in my mind [they] helped our event succeed right away.

Paul Flahive

The layout for the poster conveys the experience of the event, in the same order your senses would encounter a narrative told live. We wanted to highlight, conceptually, the way all good stories travel.

Inspired by the art of midcentury advertising, we opted for an aged look that paid homage to a pop-art aesthetic, popular with Worth Repeating’s core demographic. Muted red and gold tones maintained the vintage vibe, and emphasized the concept of stories experienced through sight and sound.

In order to build equity for the new mark, the logo became the central focus of the poster. We chose a tinted overlay for the logo’s appearance, as not to overpower the overall aesthetics of the poster.

Collateral materials were consistent, and a washed color palette was applied to flyers and digital ads to support the visual style of the brand. To distinguish each event, the primary background color changed, but the color tone remained cohesive.

Photographs courtesy of Parish Photography.