Array Logo by Heavy Heavy

Array is a WordPress theme shop dedicated to authentic, eclectic design & bulletproof code.

Project Overview

Heavy Heavy was excitedly humbled when Mike McAlister, a designer and developer we have the utmost respect for, reached out to us to be a part of the rebranding process of Okay Themes into the newly named company, Array.

In one of our most collaborative efforts to date, we were able to design a new logo that evoked extensibility within the brand; not only of the products being sold but for the company as a whole.


As opposed to other projects we are commonly engaged to produce, Mike had already cultivated the rough workings of an identity system — logo concepts, typesetting, tone and possible color groups. To bring us up to speed, he shared an extensive brief outlining Array’s core ideology and work-in-progress screens for the new website. After an in-depth conversation, we determined the project would be best served if Heavy Heavy focused solely on designing a logo, something we typically don’t provide as a stand-alone service.

The mark needed to communicate Mike’s reputation for higher product standards and customer service while positioning Array as something more than your typical WordPress theme shop. Knowing that this would require avoiding literal translations of the word, array, we arrived at a concept that had just the right amount of obscurity without alienating the company’s customer base.

Array Logo Schematic by Heavy Heavy

The initial geometry is based on the Golden Rectangle, with a somewhat high-brow play on perspective. We also worked in a nod to the scalability of responsive websites and the ever changing realm of technology and viewports. The end result speaks to Array’s ethos of making the most honest, well-made product [they] can for you.

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