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Warp speed to a meaningful career in programming.

Project Overview

Codeup needed a fresh, modern mark, content direction and marketing website to support their newly launched 12-week computer programming bootcamp.


Mathematics and problem solving are integral to learning computer programming and we knew, early on, we wanted to convey these aspects of the learning process in the logo. The challenge was going to be in the execution — graphically representing these concepts with minimal visual data and fidelity.

During discovery and research, we decided to explore the possibilities of a geometric shape to separate Codeup from the other programming accelerators within the same space. The shape would work as a subtle nod to technology, coding and mathematics by being based on a logical yet aesthetically pleasing grid system. During production, the pentagon was used as the foundational shape on which to build the final art.

Codeup Logo Jewel Production Design by Heavy Heavy

For typography, we chose the Roboto family, originally designed for the Google Android OS by Christian Robertson. The typeface has a mechanical yet organically warm feeling which adds a level of approachability to Codeup’s marketing efforts.

Typography (Roboto by Christian Robertson/Google) & Color Palette for Codeup developed by Heavy Heavy

For critical headlines and sub headings, we chose to contrast the body copy with Roboto Condensed and Roboto Slab respectively. This pairing establishes visual hierarchy while making sure the content remained amiable.

Typography (Roboto Condensed by Christian Robertson/Google) & Color Palette for Codeup developed by Heavy Heavy

Typography (Roboto Slab by Christian Robertson/Google) & Color Palette for Codeup developed by Heavy Heavy


Because of the type of service that Codeup provides, the content direction for their new site had to check several boxes. It had to provide clear levels of information, be compelling and inspire trust, create brand identity, identify courses and meet the needs of their students and employee partners alike.

The company first tasked with creating a tagline which could be used for marketing/branding purposes. Given that Codeup is an accelerated programming class with the goal of giving graduates the promise of a better life, we came up with Program for a Brilliant Future. It’s concise, memorable, and inspiring while immediately identifying the two main value propositions.

We then came up with a site map that would make sense to visitors and provide the right information where needed, along with a home page that conveyed what Codeup is, what makes them different, why they matter and who benefits. We also developed key call to actions for further engagement.

The overall site content is relatively ambitious, but again very necessary given the nature of the company.


The Codeup website needed to be both lead generating for perspective students and informational for perspective employer partnerships. Because of this objective, combined with the dense amount of content and minimal graphic assets, we wanted to insure that the registration funnel was not obscured and the message was easily digestible.

This was accomplished with optimal typesetting and ample amounts of white space. The layout is comprised of sections of content weaved together, like pieces in a puzzle, playing up the nature of how computer code works together for an end result. Critical marketing components, like Codeup’s women in programming initiative are treated with meaningful photography paired with bright bold headlines.

The custom WordPress theme we developed is fully responsive with integration support for the Types plugin so the client could easily manage the content for courses, students and the Codeup team. We also assisted with the migration of the student application form, from WuFoo forms to a self hosted solution using the Gravity Forms plugin.

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