We Are Pixel8 Logo by Heavy Heavy

We Are Pixel8 makes intelligent WordPress themes. You make them your own.

Project Overview

In 2013, We Are Pixel8 decided to shift its brand position from being part-time premium WordPress theme providers to a full stack theme shop and required a top-to-bottom identity overhaul.


The most recent version of the We Are Pixel8 logo consisted of a jewel and type lockup on a horizontal plane. The type was a modified version of Helvetica, set in tightly kerned lowercase letters, and the jewel consisted of eight squares, or “pixels,” that formed the letter “P” in the negative space.

The client indicated this approach proved to reproduce poorly at smaller sizes and across multiple mediums because the lockup was always paired. Furthermore, the design did very little to convey the company’s core value propositions — well designed and developed WordPress themes.

Original We Are Pixel8 Logo

Because We Are Pixel8 exists within a highly competitive and over saturated industry, we knew we had to develop iconography that would not only visually set them apart but quickly define the brand with very little visual data.

Early on, we considered stacking the type and pairing it with a newly designed jewel. This would allow the client the ability to separate the two elements of the logo across various use cases — printed collateral versus avatars. After a multitude of iterations, we designed a jewel, using eight circles, that formed both the letter “P” and the number “8” in an anagram.

We Are Pixel8 Logo Production Design by Heavy Heavy

This mathematically correct, geometric approach not only indicates that We Are Pixel8 exists within the tech sector but defines them as a brand with elegant design aesthetics. Once presented, it was quickly decided that the jewel was strong enough to stand on its own without a type lockup.

For typography, the client had been using the Gibson font, by Canada Type, in their marketing materials since 2010 and we saw no reason to deviate from this workhorse sans serif typeface. Its humanist qualities are a excellent juxtaposition to a tech driven company and pairs quite well with the curves of the logo.

Typography (Gibson by Canada Type) & Color Palette for We Are Pixel8 developed by Heavy Heavy


Since its inception in 2009, We Are Pixel8 had transitioned from a creative studio to a creative studio who also designed, developed and sold WordPress themes. During each of these marketing conversions, they found their content did not aptly describe their current brand position and thereby caused a fracturing of the identity for customers of their products and clients of their service.

The content direction of the site had to show clear positioning of the company’s latest re-branding as a premium WordPress theme provider. Before coming up with the new voice, we performed an extensive content audit of the existing site. We needed to determine which portions of content detracted from the rebranding value proposition and which supported it.

From the audit, we were able to develop content to succinctly describe We Are Pixel8, their products and their services. The intentionally cordial tone is meant to build trust in the company and products alike.


Since We Are Pixel8 sold their products on a third party website, the primary domain needed to be a marketing vehicle for their themes and free WordPress plugins.

The design needed to be as bold as the logo and, since we knew we were developing a responsive website, we opted for using as much of the screen, across various viewports, as was logically available. The color palette was limited to three hues of gray with one accent color for links and action buttons which allows the typography and images to jump off the pages.

The custom WordPress theme we developed also included custom plugins for managing the portfolio of themes as well as a section for frequently asked questions.

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