Techstars T-shirt & Lanyard by Heavy Heavy

Techstars is the #1 startup accelerator in the world.

Project Overview

Over the course of roughly a month, we designed a new logo lockup for Techstars, and an extended set of graphic standards to tighten up their visual identity system.


Through multiple discussions and revisions, we uncovered that the use of a weight change in the typeset was unnecessary, because Techstars had already branded the singular concept of the tech star. There was no reason to visually separate the two concepts of tech and star anymore. Something so seemingly trivial as the weight change in the previous typeset caused some issues on other fronts as well.

Because of the visual delineation, media referred to the company as TechStars, Tech Stars, and simply Techstars, which was working to devalue the branded term. We also addressed the geometry of the mark by pulling the type out from the confinement of the star and mountain graphic. This helped to balance the mark a bit further and increased legibility at proportionally smaller sizes.

Much of this project was focused on developing an extensible style guide for Techstars to use throughout their ongoing marketing and communication collateral. We developed rules for how to use the mark, typographic guidelines, margins, and various secondary color styles.