Rising Barn Identity

Rising Barn designs and delivers beautiful barns, cabins, and tiny houses.

Project Overview

Rising Barn approached Heavy Heavy in its infancy. As a startup, the company was in need of a visual identity to establish the brand. Aimed at urban dwellers with rural affinities, it was important to portray the brand as a lifestyle. Micro living appeals to a growing number of market segments that include young urbanites and retirees, alike. With a large target market, and no brick-and-mortar storefront, we needed the mark to solidly build trust in the Rising Barn brand.


We sketched this mark from scratch, taking inspiration directly from the product’s functionality. Using modular, geometric shapes, we built out the proportions of a barn owl. A nod to its namesake, the barn owl worked well on multiple levels. We needed to communicate to multiple markets in different ways, the trust and comfort associated with home. The barn owl was an elegant way to impart this.

Designed with a sense of math, the icon balances simplicity and function. It’s fun, flexible, and easily stands alone as an abbreviated mark, or works well with type. We chose to use Archer for the typeset. This slab serif is easily reproduced, meshes well with the graphic, and lends an earnest quality to the brand. To maintain a simple elegance, we limited the use of color to black and white. Tailored to custom home builders and Do-It-Yourselfers, the mark speaks directly to their sense of lifestyle; simple, reliable, and sustainable.