Ecamm Logo by Heavy Heavy

Ecamm makes your Mac life better.

Project Overview

In 2013, this Mac OS software development company contracted us to refresh its brand identity, core messaging and website.


In the past, Ecamm’s identity mirrored that of Apple Computers circa 2007 — from type, to color palette to design aesthetics. And though the two companies are indelibly linked, we felt strongly that Ecamm needed to establish a brand identity independent of Apple for long-term viability. This would allow the company to scale in possible directions outside of Mac OS software development without diluting their main value proposition.

We worked with the two founders, twin brothers, to develop a mark that would accomplish the overall goals stated previously, reflect their design sensibilities, and that would incorporate a subtle reference to their relationship as twin brothers.

For typography, we chose the Museo Sans family, from exljbris Font Foundry. This geometric typeface, when paired with the logo, creates a modern, yet personable, harmony for the identity system.

Typography (Museo Sans by exljbris Font Foundry) & Color Palette for Ecamm developed by Heavy Heavy


The scope of the Ecamm project required an extensive content audit of their existing website. We evaluated every site page and provided the brothers with a comprehensive document which included how their current content performs for a user experience.

Once we addressed the audit, we devised a content direction that would highlight their products, address their brand, and establish the company as innovators and educators in their field.

Our goal was to create content that would address the value of their products clearly, without any clutter or overselling.


The primary domain is the exclusive source for information and sales of Ecamm products. To meet this objective, we designed and developed a modular template system that would make it easier to add and modify product information, meta data and screenshots going forward.

We also designed an on-brand shopping cart and support knowledge base user interface for the client’s proprietary systems.

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