Bark PR Logo by Heavy Heavy

Bark is an indie public relations house for those in a creative field, startups & non profits.

Project Overview

Heavy Heavy was contracted to design an identity system and website for this newly formed San Antonio based niche public relations house.


Bark’s owner was pretty certain of the name when we first talked about doing the mark, but she wanted to make sure it wasn’t cheesy, didn’t rely too heavily on visual puns, and fell in line with her personal sensibilities.

We thought about not doing a dog at all, but decided that using a dog as an icon wasn’t really the problem. The execution was going to be the biggest component in making this mark memorable and as timeless as possible, and we had to make sure it didn’t look hokey.

Bark’s client base consists of creatives and people generally educated in design aesthetics, so we had to put something together that didn’t end up patronizing them or felt like outright pandering. Creatives are a fickle bunch. Being that we at Heavy Heavy belong to the target audience, it made things a little easier in researching what would appeal to them and us.

Bark PR Logo Schematic by Heavy Heavy

We used circles as the foundational geometry for this mark and worked through production to find a line weight that would read well at smaller sizes, but maintain some visual authority. Finally, the dog was paired with small caps from Emigre’s Base 9, which helps it feel fun without being silly.

For typography, we chose Proxima Nova, by Mark Simonson, because the modern geometric proportions of the glyphs combines well with the type set for the logo.

Typography (Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson) & Color Palette for Bark PR developed by Heavy Heavy


Bark PR provides a service to a niche market. We wanted to put the emphasis on that with the headline Public Relations for Creatives, Startups & Nonprofits. With that statement, there’s no question to who Bark is and what they do.

In looking into other PR/marketing websites, they tend to become cluttered with image and a lot of unnecessary words. It’s easy to get lost when visiting sites like those, so we wanted to keep it very simple and straightforward. The site map is kept to a minimum, putting the focus on the user experience.

Bark is an indie public relations house whose approach is about creative storytelling. That philosophy stands at the forefront of everything they do, so we spent a great deal of the About page speaking to that belief. We kept their list of services on this page, in keeping with the minimal approach. Client and Press pages are in line with Bark’s message of creativity and honest messaging.


The website design for Bark PR proved to be a bit more challenging. Unlike other creative services, public relations is not a visual service. The deliverables are often-times intangible which proved troublesome to graphically represent outside of simple iconography.

With that challenge in mind, we decided to forego meaningless photography and elected to showcase the clients Bark PR works with. The simplicity of the pages are contrasted with bright vibrant colors and ample white space for maximum readability.

The custom developed WordPress theme we delivered includes custom plugins for managing the portfolio of clients and a custom archive for managing key press opportunities Bark PR was able to secure on their clients’ behalf.

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