Alamo Fireworks Logo by Heavy Heavy

Alamo Fireworks is a household name in the wholesale and retail fireworks market.

Project Overview

Heavy Heavy worked closely with Alamo Fireworks to first update their visual identity, and then redesign the most visible piece of their brand—the portable stands to which thousands of customers flock for roman candles, bottle rockets, and other staples of celebratory incendiaries.

Identity Updates

With any identity we create from scratch, we insist on developing super clean vector files so that our clients are able to use the mark(s) in as wide a range of collateral as possible. It was determined early on that we should keep the feel of the existing Alamo Fireworks logo, but there was an obvious and painful need to clean up the geometry of the mark, create actual vector files in multiple layouts, and redress color values.

When we began the work, Alamo Fireworks had just celebrated their 50th anniversary, and had been using the existing mark for well over 30 years. Their delightfully and authentically vintage mark is well-known to its audience and we didn’t want to lose any hard earned equity this mark had. We started by redrawing the logo in vector, but paid special attention to maintaining the overall layout.

From here we developed lockups that could work more effectively in different collateral and thus further standardize their visual communication.

We were also tasked with developing a fun, one-off illustration for use on promotional t-shirts.

Stand Design

The biggest goal, visually, was to smarten up the design of the stands. Typical fireworks stands look kind of shady. They’re often hand-painted by amateurs, they’re installed along state highways, and by design are modular, portable buildings. Alamo Fireworks is a premium brand and wanted the visual design of their stands to communicate their commitment to honest business practices, safety, and family-friendly fun. In a market with only a few, but hungry competitors, Heavy Heavy worked on concepts that would clearly set Alamo Fireworks apart.

Heavy Heavy developed concepts with a few major tactical goals in mind. Chiefly, we needed to provide solutions that would ultimately be inexpensive and quick to produce. The stands are left up year round and act as billboards during the off-season. While the stands are closed, they are often vandalized. We worked to develop a modular system that allows Alamo Fireworks employees to quickly replace only the damaged portions of the stand as necessary, making short work of refurbishing their biggest pieces of public collateral.

Because of the fierce competition in the regional fireworks market, companies often imitate Alamo Fireworks’ visual branding to gain the business of less-attentive customers. We put together a design that is instantly recognizable from miles away which helps Alamo Fireworks maintain their loyal customer base, and become even more visible in their market.